Kamis, 12 April 2012

Wyatt Earps Revenge (2012) DVDRip

Based on the true story of the legendary lawman, Earp recounts how he brought together the Best of the West to avenge the vicious murder of his beloved Dora. Joined by the famed Bat Masterson, Charlie Bassett, Bill Tilghman and Doc Holliday, Earp rides after the Kenedy brothers, who are on a murder spree that spans from Dodge City to Mexico. Protected by their powerful father, the ruthless brothers know that the law won’t touch them – but they gravely underestimated Earp and his posse. Featuring Shawn Roberts, Matt Dallas, Grammy® nominated Country Music artist Trace Adkins and Val Kilmer.
Country : USA
Language : English
Release Date : 6 March 2012
Genre : Drama
Stars : Val Kilmer, Shawn Roberts and Matt Dallas
Quality : DVDRip
Encoder: Wildmale@Hnmovies
Format : Matroska
File size : 350 MiB
Duration : 1h 32mn

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