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Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

Macmillan English Dictionaries - This English dictionary online was created by teams of lexicographers who studied real spoken and written text, showing exactly how and when words are used today. Go to options to set the dictionary for British or American English.
Macmillan English Dictionary Second Edition (for Advanced Learners 2.1) │ 523.1 MB

Audio recordings of all headwords are available in both British and American accents.

New Words
The English language is growing, and so is Macmillan Dictionary. Click below on the links to see some of the new words that have come onto the site recently.

Red Words and Stars
The most common 7,500 words of English are highlighted in red, and are graded with stars to show their frequency. These are the words that all learners need to know.

Clear Definitions
Definitions are written in plain English, using a vocabulary of just 2,500 words. This means that learners can be confident that they will understand all definitions first time.

Real Examples
Sometimes, an example can tell you as much as a definition. Macmillan Dictionary is packed with real examples which show you how the language is really used in the 21st century.

Usage Notes
macmillandictionary.com gives you much more than a dictionary: hundreds of notes give guidance on difficult points of English usage, and help you to avoid those typical mistakes that are so easy to make.

Open Dictionary
You don't have to work at Macmillan to write a dictionary entry. Our Open Dictionary welcomes contributions from lovers of English throughout the world.

From a toolbar gadget to double-click functionality for your website, we've got a host of gadgets to choose from.

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4 komentar:

  1. tidak bisa terbuka, bgmn cara menggunakan aplikasi ini?

    1. File dibungkus dalam format rar. Ekstrak dulu isinya yang terdiri dari dua file:
      1. Macmillan.English.Dictionary.for.Advanced.Learners.2nd.Edition.iso
      2. patch_MED2CD_2_1_a.exe
      File iso bisa dibuka dengan WINRAR, atau dengan POWER ISO atau ULTRA ISO, terserah mana yang lebih disuka, semuanya sama.
      Filo iso bisa dimount atau diekstrak, terserah Anda.
      Install program seperti biasa, setelah selesai jalankan patchnya, agar program bisa berjalan full version.

  2. cm saat diekstrak minta insert a disk with this volume, bgmana itu bang?

  3. Install dulu programnya


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