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10 Ways to ensure that your lady is satisfied

Good sex is a mixture of many things; patience, care, attention and tuning to each other wishes and wants. Many ladies, some men may say all ladies, never actually say what they want. So perhaps mind reading is a skill that men have to learn to become good lovers too. But one thing is common to both men and women, there is a need to reach orgasm.
Here are 10 things to do to ensure that you leave your partner happy and contented after love making.

1. Be Open and Honest
A woman doesn’t get aroused as easily as a man, that’s just the way it is. But by being open with each other you can tune in and know when and how to start things. Sex and orgasms in women have many unknown aspects to mere men. Honesty and openness can help to avoid misunderstandings. Women don’t just orgasm, they have to be nurtured and tended to, once in the correct frame of mind then the best sex is possible. Listen to what she wants, and notice what is not said. In this case it may be body language or just the position she is laying in which gives the clue, be receptive and understanding.

2. Know each other’s Favorite Positions
As you gain knowledge of each other and become more comfortable exploring each other’s bodies let her know what you enjoy the most. Encourage her to tell her favorite things, explain that you only want to please her. However some women do find this quite embarrassing, if your lady is one of them then back off and work harder when you are having sex to read the signs. Never ever be critical of her in any way sexually, for women sex has a psychological factor too and if the woman’s confidence or feeling of self worth has been dented then good sex will not happen and she will definitely not reach an orgasm.

3. Be Fruity
Take things to the edge, but don’t be smutty. If you are eating in a restaurant then play footsy under the table. Compliment her frequently but try a few double meanings. As she gets up help her but let your hand slip a little, but discretion must always be maintained. Let her know that you are trying to touch her but don’t be too forward. Patience is also a virtue. If the bar or club is darker then just brush a hand over her unobtrusively, enough for her to know that it’s deliberate but subtle enough for others looking to believe it could have been accidental. The bottom or breast areas are very good, the vagina is very forward, only go there if you know that she will respond positively.

4. Set the Mood
Touching is very important on the road to making a woman orgasm. But there are many other aspects to cover too. Setting the mood to get her in the right frame of mind is a must and a man’s behavior must also be helpful. You can do this by leaving surprises occasionally. Perhaps a bunch of flowers delivered to her office, or a candle lit meal for two at her favorite restaurant or a weekend away in a secluded hotel. But many things closer to home are just as effective, have a hot bath ready for her in a candle lit bathroom with soothing music and perhaps a bottle of her favorite wine to share. Some women get in the mood sharing a shower with their partner too. Learn what she prefers and surprise her.

5. Let her know that you are thinking of her
When you are apart let her know that she is still in your thoughts. If the language on the text or email is fruity that’s ok but don’t go lewd. If you are on the phone then you can be more intimate but be aware of limits. Some women respond well to certain things others like to leave a bit to the imagination. Once you know your woman you can get the right level.

6. Take your Time
It’s not a race where you keep working hard until you reach the finishing line. Although there is still a start, middle and end. Start slowly, get her in the mood, nibbling ears or kissing the neck can be great at getting your woman into the swing. The middle is whatever pleases both of you as you relax and make love and the end is the orgasm. Remember that it’s not just about satisfying yourself. Excite her with new movements or techniques every once in a while. The middle and end can last as long as both people want and just because your favorite football team is playing in 15 minutes isn’t a good enough reason to make it short.

7. Meet her halfway
Time for sex, especially the slow rewarding kind can sometimes be hard to find in today’s busy world. Work, children and other social pressures all take their toll and time. In other cases your partner is just too embroiled in a family or work issue to relax, at that moment that issue is running their lives. Be patient and when a quiet relaxing moment comes then approach her sexually. Understand that we all have times when something overpowers us, we just come through it and having an understanding lover giving support rather than making sexual demands all adds to the feelings of passion between you when the right time comes.

8. Just kiss
Kissing each other without doing anything else helps the bond to grow stronger and also keeps her waiting for more. Tender kissing slowly carrying on to passionate tongues and all styles and speeds in between can turn on any woman. Do it at a time when there is no opportunity for things to advance, she’ll be waiting for you when you get back that evening!

9. Be ready to change
After you have been together for a while some people can feel themselves in a rut. Many women do not talk and so it’s up to you to avoid being in the rut. Become experimental try new positions, have sex al fresco, leave her feeling uncertain of what is going to happen next and most of all enjoy it. Be fresh and try to get her to respond, find out her hidden desires and why she feels that things are in a rut. Remember that life is full of routine and it’s not bad but every now and then try a novel approach and keep experimenting.

10. Be yourself
The reason why your partner is attracted to you may be your rugged good looks. However if that’s all you’ve got then probably you will have a string of very short relationships. Let your lady see what attracted her to you. It may be your compassion, or strength or intelligence and wit. These are all the attributes of your masculinity that she is hooked on. Show them off and let her know that they are genuine features of your character.

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