Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Lady Chatterley - Extended R Rated Edition - DVDRip AC3 with English Subtitles

A remarkable movie about the sexual awakening of a woman’s senses! Winner of five Cesars (the French Oscar) and at the top of 10 best lists when it debuted in America, Lady Chatterley was praised as a filmic adaptation that found the soul of the celebrated D.H. Lawrence novel and ranks as one of the sexiest, smartest page-to-screen transfers ever made.

The movie explores the emotional and sensual borderlands uniting sex, love, and loyalty with even more intelligence, passion, and power than before. A highly erotic immersion into Lady Chatterley and Parkins passion and an equally frank and unsentimentally provocative portrayal of a marriage hobbled by war and ultimately torn apart by hypocrisy.


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