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Cambridge Grammar of English

Cambridge Grammar of English is a 'must-have' for any serious learner or user of the English language. Using ground-breaking language research, it offers clear explanations of spoken and written English based on real everyday usage. A clear two-part structure makes the book particularly user-friendly. In the first section, 'From word to grammar: an A-Z', A-Z entries give special attention to the vocabulary-related grammar often neglected in other grammar reference books. The second section is organised into topic chapters covering the more traditional grammatical categories such as tense, sentence structure and parts of speech.
The Cambridge Grammar of English has also won a prestigious British Council Innovation Award.

Described by the judges as 'User-friendly and practical... a highly effective resource for English language teachers and learners alike', the Cambridge Grammar of English was praised for the way it uniquely documents current spoken as well as written grammar usage and for its innovative accompanying CD-ROM.

About CD-ROM
The accompanying CD-ROM makes the Cambridge Grammar of English even more accessible with:
• the whole book in handy, searchable format;
• audio recordings of all example sentences from the book;
• links to the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary online for instant definitions of new vocabulary

Code Links :
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04

Mirror Links :
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03

Attention! The disk is protected by SecuROM ver. 7.18.0003!
- That means you must use the program with CD-ROM at all times or
- use the crack and enjoy the Cambridge Grammar of English without any CD!

I think that if you burn the CD, there will be no problems if you install it from your FIRST CD/DVD drive, otherwise it will fail. For those that store images of CDs in DVD-Rs, and mount them as needed, there are two possible solutions:

Method 1:
1) Unpack files from archive;
2) Switch off your physical CD and/or DVD drive(s) (Start -> Control panel -> Service and Performance -> System -> Accessories -> Device Manager -> 'your CD-ROM' -> Properties -> Switch off) or (My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> 'your CD-ROM' -> Properties -> Switch off);
3) Mount MDS file with the help of Alcohol program or Daemon Tools. (If you use Daemon Tools you need to run ProtStop or YASU program to hide emulation drive!), standard mounting programs (like WinMount) will not work;
4) Install CGE program as usual and run it;
5) Switch on your CD and/or DVD drive(s);
Now you can use CGE without any CDs.

Method 2:
1) Unpack files from archive
2) Mount MDS file with any disk mounting program
3) Install CGE
4) Overwrite CGE.EXE in installation directory with the one supplied here (which is a NoCD version):
5) Use CGE as normal

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