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Living Language : Easy American Idioms (Book+Audio)

Title : Easy American Idioms
Level : Intermediate ESL
Author(s) : Living Language Editors
Publisher : Random House
Date : October 2006
Pages : 60
Size : 280 Mb
Format : PDF + MP3
Quality : Not bad, readable, 44kHz/128kbps
Language : American English

"It slipped my mind," "Don't fly off the handle," and "I'm counting on you" are just a few of the idiomatic expressions that native English speakers use on any given day, but that can completely confuse non-native speakers. Easy American Idioms cuts through the confusion and teaches natural-sounding conversational English.

The lessons in Easy American Idioms focus on everyday situations: meeting people, expressing likes/satisfaction, expressing dislikes/displeasure, working, shopping, socializing, sports, television, going out, and more. Each section features useful and appropriate idiomatic expressions with dialogues interspersed between lessons.

• Package includes a booklet and 4 CDs.
• Easy-to-relate-to dialogues that focus on everyday situations and events.
• Simple, clear lessons and dialogues.

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