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English Grammar in Use 3rd Edition (CD-ROM & Book)

English Grammar in Use 3rd edition (CD_ROM and Book) | 443 MB and 69 MB

English Grammar in Use Third Edition is a fully updated version of the classic grammar title. It retains all the key features of clarity and accessibility that have made the book popular with students and teachers alike.

Designed to be flexible, the book is available both with and without answers, making it ideal for self-study, but also suitable for reinforcement work in the classroom. The 'with answers' version of the book comes with a handy pull-out reference panel which allows students to review key grammar points at a glance. The book is also available with a CD-ROM, giving hundreds of interactive exercises to reinforce the language learned in the book. 

Download (CD) :
Part #1
Part #2
Part #3
Part #4
Part #5

Download (Book) :

How to run ! 
1. Install DAEMON Tools Lite 4.30.1(don`t install daemon toolbar - cancel option in box) and Restart ;
2. Copy YASU. exe in Daemon Tools Lite 4.30.1 install directory ;
3. Run YASU and cloak - only once ( read instructions in YASU folder );
4. Load in daemon tools virtual drive Cambridge.English.Grammar.in.Use.on.CD-ROM.[3rd.edition.2004] .MDS file;
5. Learn Grammar !

You can get YASU: HERE

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