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Grammar Friends

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The step by step grammar presentations in Grammar Friends introduce form, use and meaning in a way that even young beginner learners can understand and remember. The series is an ideal supplement to any elementary course book series.

Key Features :
• Clear presentations in familiar contexts make the grammar easy to understand and remember
• Graded written activities help children improve grammatical accuracy
• Regular revision units give opportunities for extra practice and consolidation
• Interactive CD-ROM has extra exercises and tests to motivate pupils & encourage learner independence.
• Covers the grammar for Cambridge ESOL Young Learners Exams
• Photocopiable tests in the Teacher’s Book
• Flexible enough to be used alongside any primary course

How does it work?
Each unit introduces an element of English grammar through a picture or series of pictures with speech bubbles or captions. The grammar is then explained in simple language with extra examples if necessary. This is followed by exercises increasing in difficulty from straightforward concept check exercises (e.g. matching tasks) to sentence-writing activities. The units are four pages long and they cover one, two, or three grammar points

Free Materials Source :
Grammar Friends 1
Grammar Friends 2
Grammar Friends 3
Grammar Friends 4
Grammar Friends 5
Grammar Friends 6


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